Margaret Gilmour | Writer
Margaret Gilmour | Writer
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I am a professional writer with over 26 years of experience in the publishing industry including 14+ years writing online media. My niche and passion is writing about all-natural lifestyles and product, and profiling people making a difference in the world.

Recently I began covering education and learning styles, and the power of knowing you can succeed no matter what your obstacle. 

When time permits, I craft essays. Like most writers, stacks of unfinished pieces hover in a file on my computer. I work on them as often as time will allow.

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I believe in simple, all-natural + hand-crafted, underscoring quality goods created by big thinkers driving change and dedicated to giving back. I am committed to supporting organizations that make our world a better place.

That's why I chose to I specialize in profiling companies (or individuals) dedicated to the environment and fueled with a passion for giving back to the community

Conscious consumerism is a mindful approach to spending that can make a difference in someone else’s life. Your support, like it or not, comes by way of how you give out your hard-earned money, so why not make it count? 

Have fun. Respect the planet.

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Content creator

As a content creator/developer, I stay current on the latest trends in content marketing to assist start-ups and small companies define, identify and engage with their target audience by creating and distributing quality content that attracts new customers and builds relationships. 

My goal is to write original and relevant stories that are both practical and compelling. Stories that stick. I do this by positioning your brand as the expert in your field, connecting your goals with your product or service, and building trust that drives action.  

Blogs and email campaigns

Blogs and email campaigns add value to your brand by illustrating through stories how you, the influencer, are willing to draw upon your experience and connections and become an important resource for your customers. The more you share, the more trust you build.

I produce visually appealing blogs and e-newsletters written and designed to inform, entice and promote click-thru.


I write engaging copy boosting your visibility with brief and active content directing readers to read all, and click on.  


Margaret is an inspiration and a joy to work with. She keeps me on track, focused and organized.
— Helena van Vliet, Architect, LLC, Biophilic Architecture, Consulting, Teaching
Margaret brings a fresh and energetic perspective to our online marketing and communications. Always willing to try a new approach and help us position our company in the best light. Very thorough and always gets the project done when needed.
— Brian Havertine, Co-Owner, Trail Creek Outfitters

Ghost writing

I love ghost writing: It’s all about you. I’ll write your blog, your book or your essay, and craft it by capturing your voice and style. In fact, I’ve had clients tell me I was dead on when assuming their personality in writing.

Editorial + features writer

I am a deadline-oriented writer, and I love a good story. Let me tell yours. 

What I do best: I’ll take a complex topic and distill its message for your readers and create marketable, story-driven content that gets read and shared.

For over 26 years I have contributed numerous feature pieces for websites and print magazines for regional and trade publications including Mother Earth LivingThis Old House Magazine, Philadelphia Magazine, Philadelphia Home, Wine and Spirits Quarterly, Winterthur Magazine and more. 


custom Imagery

In addition to writing, I play with photography. Why is this important to you? Because I can write your story, or take on that assignment, and include creative images so you don’t have to worry about corralling your own.  The banner images you see on this website are my own, so are the photos, below.




A portrait of projects + assignments completed over the years.

For DETAILED CLIPS please see my Skyword and Contently portfolio.






I’d love to work with you. Please contact me at gilmourm (at) or 484 778 4528. Filling out the form below works too.

Thanks for stopping by.