I am a professional, independent journalist with a marketing background that includes over 15 years of experience in the publishing industry, and 10+ years in content marketing.

Since 2009, I have helped small businesses meet their goal of growing their company and becoming influencers in their field.

Email Marketing

I specialize in email marketing campaigns and blogs that add value by telling the story behind your brand. Through stories, you, the influencer, build loyalty by drawing upon your experience and connections to become an important resource for your customers.

First, I work with you to develop a content strategy and positioning statement through detailed market research and fine-tuned business goals. Both are essential ingredients to a successful content marketing campaign. So is analyzing stats to make the strategy most effective, and to ensure that your goals are being met.

Then, with my design and layout experience, I produce visually appealing and relevant e-newsletters written and created to inform, entice and promote click-thru.


I love ghost writing: It’s all about you. I’ll write your blog, your book or your essay, and craft it by capturing your voice and style. In fact, I’ve had clients tell me I was dead on when assuming their personality in writing.

AVOIDING CONFLICTS OF INTEREST: I NEVER pitch stories for print or online about a client, friend or person/organization in which I have a relationship.  At times, someone I write about will contact me after their story is published to assist them with content marketing. At this point, if they become a client, they understand I can no longer pitch their story to the media. 

“Margaret brings a fresh and energetic perspective to our online marketing and communications. Always willing to try a new approach and help us position our company in the best light. Very thorough and always gets the project done when needed.”
— Brian Haverine, Co-Owner, Trail Creek Outfitters
“Margaret is an inspiration and a joy to work with. She keeps me on track, focused and organized.”
— Helena van Vliet, LLC, Biophilic Architecture, Consulting, Teaching